Week 1: Activity- Plaster Casting

For this activity I first started off by going to the Home Depot with my mom to buy the materials that I needed for this activity. After that I got home and poured the sand into a bucket to put my hand into it to make a mold to hold the plaster. After that, I mixed up the plaster to a pretty thin consistency and poured it into the mold of my hand. Then, I let it set up for a while and washed my car in the mean time.  After about an hour, I dug up my hand and washed it off. It was so cool.

This got me thinking just how easy making art can be. You don’t need to be this well known artist or sculptor. I am a first year college student and I made my own art with just a few simple steps. This experience taught me that making cool things doesn’t need skill or experience. Anyone can do this activity and I encourage everyone to try it. This would be a great activity to do with little kids and their handprints too. After doing this activity, it reminded me of the sculpture in Versaille of the Thinking Man just because plaster is white and what he is made of is white too.

While doing this activity, it brought me back to when I was little and every summer my grandpa would mix up some concrete at our cabin and we would make stepping stones with our hand and feet prints in them. I never thought that what I was making when I was little was art but now knowing what I know now, it is art.Overall, this activity was very fun to do and brings back so many good memories.


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