Week 1: Artist-Allan Kaprow

After researching him, Alan Kaprow seems to be a photographer rather than a sculptor or painter. Some people don’t consider pictures to be art but after seeing some of his work online, I do. After watching the video that was posted on slack,  I realized that I have performed some of his techniques in my intro to Acting class by walking in one direction for 30 minutes. It was a really cool experience to slow life down and appreciate what the world gives us.  This man needs to influence our generation more to help us realize the simple things in life and slow down to appreciate it.

This photograph below caught my eye the most in my google image search of his works because it makes me wonder if this was a picture captured in the moment or was it posed. I wonder so much about this photo like if these men were just messing around or were they just about to end their life? In my opinion, thats the best part about art because anyone can see something so differently. I also wonder what is between the blocks of what appears to be cement. Is is the material made out of what sticks the cement together or are they socks? To me, they could be both.

Another piece of his that caught my eye was of the women jumping through tires because why on earth would a woman in a dress be jumping through tires? Same goes for the piece of the women licking jam off of a car’s hood. I wonder if this was staged or a reality photo. His work is so spontaneous and really captures some of the joys in life of the people photographed. After researching how some of his work is produced I now realized his work isn’t just “point and click” types of photos. They take time to set up, get the correct lighting, and right angles.

Pasted image at 2016_05_26 07_32 PM


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