Week 2:Artist-Ana Mandieta

After watching the video and researching Ana Mandieta, I learned so much. After researching, I learned that she speaks her emotions through her art work. Her work is very deep and emotional. She died at a young age and seemed to be mentally disturbed, considering her art work. She used her own body a lot.  Her death was uncertain because one night her and her husband were having too much to drink and it was believed that he had pushed her out the window and she died. Others think it may have been a suicide but her close friend denied that possibility because she was afraid of heights.

This piece that spoke to me a lot was this first one of her wrapped up in a sheet with a heart on her chest.I wonder the reason for the heart on her chest, maybe she was heartbroken and wanted us to know. After seeing a lot of her work, I wish researchers knew more about her personal life because thats where I believe all her great works derive from. I don’t believe that someone who is mentally stable would create such crazy art pieces like her. Therefore, I believe that she had a dark mind and had a lot going on in there. I’m curious who she is and what kind of marriage she had with her husband. This piece of work in particular made me really think about their marriage and if it was a good one or not because to me this photo says, “heartbroken.”

Another piece that caught my eye and got me thinking was the burning silhouette of herself. This piece again gets me thinking if she was ever a happy person since her work is so dark and have extreme topics. This photo captures a feeling of burning into the ground like a cremation. I think her work portrays what she would do to herself maybe because of her bad marriage. I could be wrong but thats just what I think about her works. Overall, i have really enjoyed her work because it shows that not all artwork is happy and beautiful. It can be dark and gloomy and still have a message to it.


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