Week 2:Activity-Automatic Drawing

To start off this activity I went to the grocery store to buy a big piece of poster board. I then came home and got a couple pens out for my room mate and I to use. I used a marker and three highlighters. We grabbed the pens one at a time with out index finger, middle finger, and thumbs touching the pen. We proceeded to close our eyes and let our minds take the pens where they wanted to go. As we did this activity, we were watching the movie The Sweetest Thing.

This experience was pretty cool. I never realized that I could create something so cool  with my eyes closed. As we did this activity we were watching a movie and as the movie’s music was climaxing and becoming quick, so did our hands. I didn’t expect that to happen. This activity also goes to show how blind people can create art too because in this activity, our eyes were closed. We needed no usage of our eyes.  Art can be so simple like in this activity or so complex like our artist of the week, Ana Mendieta and I think thats the best thing about it. This activity reminds me of when I would be coloring at restaurants when I was little and would color all crazy outside the lines.

This activity really made me take a step back and realize how simple art can be. I don’t have to be a famous artist to create something worth looking at. These activities being done in this class really have opened my eyes so far to art and the true meaning of art. Thats the thing, I don’t think there is a true meaning or definition of art because art is in the eyes of the beholder. Art can be different in everyones eyes. For me, I think baking is a form of an art and to others, they may not think that. Overall, this activity has made me appreciate art even more.


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