Week 3-Activity:Grafiti Art

To  start off this activity, I got some cardboard from my house and some spray paint. I proceeded to get some newspaper so I would not get spray paint on our lawn. I started off with the blue and red splotches and then finished it off with the pink. I then let the background dry for 20 minutes while I washed my car. After it was dry and my car was clean, I sprayed my name in brown spray paint. I sprayed it on really thick so that when I stood it up and banged it down on the ground, it would run the paint and make it look cool. I then let it dry and took a picture with it.

Doing this activity was cool and I liked having full freedom on painting what I wanted to paint. Before I started this, I had a completely different picture in my mind about what I was going to do. Once I got to painting, the outcome became way different that I had expected. This made me feel the freedom that the artists in the video do when they’re creating their works on the streets.

This experience made me think differently about graffiti art. I enjoyed it and I enjoy graffiti as long as its in legal places. I like the many different colors used in the videos and also what I have seen on the streets. This made me realize that I love the colorful art in Venice but not gang writing and symbols. I think as long as the art is in the right places, I think it looks nice. Overall, this activity has made me think differently about graffiti in that it isn’t just gang writing but some is actual art painted by artists.


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