Week 3:Artist-Bomb it

After watching this lengthy video, I learned a lot about graffiti and about the people who create it. I thought the most interesting part of the movie was how different graffiti artists could depict the shapes and symbols on the walls as signals and meet up spots. Some graffiti was art on big walls and some was gang tags on houses or trash cans. I also found it interesting how they could tell which art was gang art and which was graffiti art. It was eye opening when they showed cities now vs cities with graffiti all over them to see the color and lively differences between the two. I thought it was funny how the people in the video were saying that there are no New Yorkers in New York anymore.

In my opinion graffiti should be allowed in certain spots, for example, the Venice Beach Art walls but not on trash cans and peoples houses like in the video. Like our professor commented in the discussion board, I would  be very upset to see graffiti on a billboard that someone obviously put money into. I do believe there should be designated graffiti art walls like in Venice Beach so people have places to express themselves in a way that is legal.

As you can see below, there is some graffiti in Venice Beach. In my opinion, on the left we have art. Beautiful and colorful seen of a fish that just adds so much color and life to the city. As you then see on the right, in my opinion is trash.Those trees and trash cans are filled with a bunch of random letters and symbols that serve no purpose to the general public. If graffiti would just stay like it is in the picture on the left I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it. Sadly, a lot of it looks like the picture on the right which is disturbing to the eyes.




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