week 4:Activity-Japanese Gardens

To start this activity I grabbed some paper and a pencil. After that I got into my car and drove to the Japanese gardens to meet up with my mom and her friend. I started off by sitting at the table and started to sketch my first three sketches of something representational. I then sketched the three abstract sketches. After that I walked around to take 4 representational photos then 3 abstract photos.

I found it difficult to take an abstract photo so I just took close up pictures of things. I took 4 representational photos because I couldn’t decide one which three to choose. After I was done with my sketches and pictures I decided to feed the fish then I sat down and took it all in. That place is so beautiful and peaceful, the school does a really good job with it.

My experience with this activity was great. I loved getting  chance to get out of the house and do something. It taught me to make more time to do things for myself and to relax a little bit. It has also taught me that I suck at drawing and will probably never be good at it and Im okay with that.


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