Week 4:Artist-Francesca Woodman

After watching that video it made me think abut who she was as a person. Therefore, I researched and found out more about her. She was a fragile and vulnerable girl, but was also gifted with talent. She was passionate about her work and always wanted recognition. Most of her work was done in black and white. On one website I read that her death was a suicide. People often mistaken her as someone who takes self portraits but she also did shoots with male and females that she knew intimately. She attempted suicide once and then was put into treatment then succeeded the second time after jumping off a roof.

What I love about Francesca Woodman’s photographs is how mysterious they are. There is always something blurred or not showing. Its almost like she wont fully expose herself.I also think its interesting why she chose to use only black and white. I wonder what possessed her to only use black and white. After researching her I truly believe her photographs are trying to tell us a lot about herself and how she is feeling.

This photograph of her is shocking to me. I imagined her to be older than she looks. Her face is young and soft unlike her work. Her work is full of emotions and have dark and deathly themes. In this picture she matches all the descriptions I read about online. You can see the hurt in her young eyes. Theres a story inside there. Also in this photo she looks sad and confused which is a lot like her photos with those deeper themes.



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