Week 5:Artist-Marina Abramovic

After watching videos that were posted about her it really make me think about how out of the ordinary she is. Her work is very disturbing which may draw in an audience and may also push certain people away. Thats the best thing about art, theres a different kinda for everyone to look at and experience. Personally, her work disturbs me a bit because you can truly see how disturbed she is in her pictures and videos. Especially in the video posted on slack when she sad in the chair staring at people and the man she must have had a relationship with came up and sat. She had such deep feeling for him that were very visible to the public eye.

In one of the photos attached she is sitting in a pile of bloody cow bones. She washed one by one while she was singing folk songs from her childhood. The video of this piece displays a theme of violence and trauma. As she sits there for 4 days scrubbing at the bones, her dress increasingly becomes more and more stained with blood. This piece in my opinion is totally nasty and shouldn’t be allowed. I also wonder where she got all the bones from, a factory that didn’t need the bones anymore or were the cows killed for just her.

I liked this second photo of her during her 48 hour sit staring at whoever came to sit with her. In the video posted on slack, a man comes up to her in it and she loose it. I believe that the man in the video could potentially be the roots of her intense photos and videos. Maybe he is the roots of her madness. Anyways, she is an intriguing artist with her deep themes but she’s just the type of artist that interests me.


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