Week 5:Activity-Instagram

To start off this activity, I woke up and carried on with my normal day. Thursdays are the days I sail with the CSULB Sailing Association so thats where I decided to take most of my pictures. I took some pictures of the docks, boats, and the sunset. This experience was cool because we got to see what other classmates do on a daily basis.

I saw that not many people went outside which doesn’t surprise me but then again it does surprise me. I love being busy and being outdoors. I was shocked about how much food pictures were posted because there are so many other fun things you could be doing with your time. I feel like we are all so different and have such different lives living in various places that our pictures don’t relate to each other. Although I did find this picture of yoga in the park which is in Long Beach.

The other two pictures I found interesting because their outside. I just noticed that all the pictures that I chose to write about are outside. Being outside I believe is where a lot of the fun happens. Overall, I wish more people went outside and enjoyed the pretty day it was just like i did. People need to get out more.


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