Week 6:Activity-Landscapes with a Corpse

For this activity, I chose to “die” in my bed. I got into my bed how and went to sleep. That is how i performed this activity. Then my roommate took pictures of me and went about our days.

To start this activity, I saw the examples of it online about these terrible and tragic deaths but I don’t really want to think about or even plan how I would die today. Therefore I decided to die in peace in my sleep. I am so young and being so young I do not think planning out my death or even imagining my death is good for my health. I strive everyday to live as long as I can and it seems contradicting to plan a gruesome death for myself.

I was shocked to be assigned that random assignment and a bit disappointed that I had to do this. Nobody should plan or even imagine the way they are going to die especially at this young age. This experience was weird for me and did not enjoy this activity at all. It made me uncomfortable and I don’t want to ever have to do it again. I want to live life full of vitality not thinking about how I am going to die at this very moment. Overall, I didn’t enjoy my experience.


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