Week 6:Artist-Andy Warlow

He was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He was a successful magazine and ad artist who became a  leading artist of the 1960s Pop Art movements.  I was shocked after researching to see how old Andy Warhol looks, I pictured a younger looking artist. He also looks like he could have been friends with Einstein because of that crazy hair he had. His work has bright and youthful colors and for me personally, I love bright colors so his work really does appeal to my eyes. According to my research he is considered a pop artist and after seeing his pieces I would now agree with that statement.

I like the shoe picture because of all the coors. Color is a big part of my life and I really appreciate colorful art. Without color art is less attractive to my eyes. I love the use of vivid bright colors and something as random as a shoe to use as a focal point. My favorite show would be the blue and purple one because purple is my favorite color.

I also like the Marilyn Monroe picture because of the vivid colors. The bright pink eyeshadow and earrings stand out very well against her pink skin along with the yellow colored hair he gave her. I can really tell how the term “Pop Art” describes his work. The colors all stand out against each other and really “POP.”


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