Week 7:Activity-Art Museum

To start off this activity I searched nearby Museums that I could visit. I wanted to go somewhere in LA but my schedule didn’t allow me to have that kind of time this week. My boyfriend has to do this assignment as well in two week so I’m sure I’ll get to go somewhere more exciting that where I went today. I went to the Long Beach Art Museum. Their first level was in renovations so I only got to view the top level. Also of the art inside was done by local children in elementary schools in Long Beach. I found these two pieces the most interesting to look at because of their colors.

To start off I’ll talk about the piece with the dots. It caught my eye because of the round circles and the sharp spears that point inward at the cloud. The lines in this piece are pretty sharp but not jagged. The shapes focus more on circles and lines. The color is what stands out to me the most. There was no texture on this picture and the rhythm seems to flow nicely with the whole picture.

The second picture caught my eye again because of the colors. Also the black and white checkered colors. The lines in this picture are very sharp and straight. Very symmetrical too. The shapes involve lots of lines and boxes as well at people and houses. The colors is what drew me into this picture also because it was right next to the other picture that I liked. There was no texture on this picture and it has a little less rhythm than the other picture.

These two pieces caught my eye because they are both so similar with my personal aesthetic. I love the color and that was really drew me into using these for my assignment. I don’t really feel like these pictures are too different pertaining to their themes. They both show life and colors and portray the same happiness and vitality.


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