Week 7:Artist-Janet Cardiff

After researching more about Janet Cardiff, I learned that she isn’t the only one that should be credited for these works. She has a husband named George Bures Miller. Her husband helped out in a big part of what she does. The both like to work together to test the limits of sounds and audience participation. They look like two artists who fell in love doing what they both love the most. How they both create these videos is they spend about ten minutes on their walks together then collaborate on narrating it. This interests me because I can only imagine the close relationship they must have. I only say that because in the videos you can hear so much passion in Janet’s voice that I’m sure carries though in her day to day life.
The video she made of the speakers in the room was so cool. The rom was set up in different choirs all singing together making a harmony. I wish I could go and visit that as my museum I get to go to as my activity for this week. The sounds that come from those speakers are peoples voices at all different levels of vocals. I can only imagine walking into there and immediately getting the chills front he voices being heard from all surroundings.
The second piece of hers I enjoyed watching was the nature walk video. This video interested me because I love being outside and everything that involves being outside. Being outside in my opinion is the best way to do anything. You get fresh air and life surrounds you. What Janet does in this video is add even more life and wonder into these peoples minds. Again, I wish I could experiences this the way these people did in the video. It looks so surprising and fun to experience and makes you wonder more  and more about the wilderness.

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