Week 8-Artist: Scott Schuman&Daniel Arnold

I picked two out of the four artist to write about this wee;, Scott Schuman and Daniel Arnold. I loved researching and comparing these two artists because they are so different from each other considering the work they do.

Daniel Arnold takes random pictures of commuters and midtown workers all along and around the New York subways. He has a book called Locals which are photographs of these people. His photos are of people on the streets caught off guard doing their normal daily routine. Some are of people that look like they may be walking to work and some are of people and children who have juts fallen down. These photographs also rang widely in scenes. His photographs just show us the funny parts of reality like this photo of someone asleep in a restaurant booth. This photo is interesting to me because it does not look staged at all. It just looks like someone had a rough night or long day at work and decided to take a nap real quick and may have taking one too long.

Scott Schuman on the other hand, his work is different than Daniel Arnold. His photos look like ordinary people walking down the streets but they look staged. The photos I see on the internet look like they have props and models taking the photos with many different lighting fixtures and effects. They do not look like the typical off guard photos of Daniel Arnold’s. For example, this lady does not look caught off guard and looks staged. I do give him credit for having really good photos though even though they look so staged. You can really see the thought put into taking the photos and the effort is definitely shown. In my opinion, he is still a goof photographer he just takes different kinds of photos.


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