Week 8:Activity-Street Photography

This weeks activity was a bit hard for me. I never got a chance to go downtown during the day to get pictures of people. Every time I was outside near people it was at night so I couldn’t take pictures of people. I was intimidated to take pictures of random people at first but then became fun and sneaky. The people I took pictures were either busy putting their boats away to go home and busy packing their cars.

These photos were taken at Huntington Lake launch ramp while my family and I were launching one of our boats. The first two pictures were of two men down rigging their sailboat after a day out on the lake. They interested me because their boat was nice and I like to sail as well. I started two semesters ago sailing with the CSULB Sailing Association. The funny part about me starting to sail is that my whole family knows how to sail and I have been around a sail boat my whole life but never got to learn until I joined the club at school.

I also added a picture of my grandpa and I sailing later today after launching the boat. This experience was fun but a little awkward trying to take random pictures of people. I wish we didn’t have to put ourself so much out there considering some people are more reserved than others. I am not that kind of person but I thought of people on the shyer side trying to take pictures of people without them knowing. Other than that this assignment was fun.



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