Week 9:Artist-Kat Von D

This weeks artist is one of my all time favorite artists. She beings back memories of watching her tv show Miami Ink and La Ink with my dad when I was little. I loved watching her show because she’s such a real person to her customers. She’s genuinely willing to listen to peoples life stories and put her artwork on their bodies.

When use to watch her show Miami Ink and I remember an episode where she covered up all her tattoos with her ink cover up line. I believe its some sort of concealer. She did this for her parents because they don’t particularly like tattoos. It was so cool watching the makeup artists slowly cover up her tattoos and see what her body looked like before she had all her tattoos. I loved watching that show as I grew up because I think she is the one who makes art, not tattoos but art. She’s a body artist and I believe she’s the best.

Overall, Im so glad I got to learn about her this week and it was cool actually knowing the artist of the week. I love the picture below of her at work because I thinks she’s so pretty. She’s so concentrated on her work, I think tattoo artists are true artists because they cannot erase any mistakes that they made so they need to basically be perfect.


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