Week 10-Artist:Joseph DeLappe

I researched DeLappe and I found put that his work is on online gaming, installation,  and sculptures with the themes of politics, work, war, protests and human relations. His goals are to make the ordinary extraordinary. His works are also shown all over the world. In my opinion his work has aloe of underlying messages and themes.

After seeing this drone inspired image of his it really got me thinking about drones and those things are everywhere now. I just went to a concert and there were drones flying over our heads. One day I was sailing and one came up to our boat. Theres a big problem right now with the fires and people flying their drones to them to get footage of the fires. The problem with that is that any aircraft servicing the fire cannot fly and is forced to land because of these unknown drones. This creates the fires to not be contained which obviously isn’t good. Also my aunt and uncle live in Calabasas where all the famous people live and they said they have drones even fly into their backyards. Creepy.

This weeks artist was kind of boring for me to research and I had a really hard time staying interested in his work. The only thing that interested me was the drone situation because its present in our world so much today.


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