Week 10-Activity:ACP

Sending an ACP is similar to a snapchat because its like sending someone a little snap of your life so they get some insight on your interests right then. Its different because its not instant and it cannot be deleted. Once this gets delivered to the house I’m sending it to, it can never be redone. Also our mailing system isn’t instant so thats another way its different from snapchat.

Ephemera is important to me. I believe collecting memories as a ways of saving the memory is the best way to save the memories. For me personally, I have a terrible memory but saving things like ticket stubs or a souvenir helps me remember the good times that came with the object.I also think they gain value over time because they become more rare as time passes. If my child found a Cochella ticket they’d probably think its pretty cool as well as an old Woodstock ticket.

I feel like the value in art is in who looks at it. People can go to a museum and not feel any attraction to pieces that costs thousands of dollars. Yet they could be sent a memory from their kids childhood and just loose themselves in emotions and love it. Everyone reacts differently to everything and thats the best part. I think the time difference between mail and snapchat is effort and time. With more time comes more meaning. we use snapchat so much they a lot become meaningless. Being fast is good for something in the moment and urgent and being slow is more cautious and meaningful.

The Mcdonald’s example confuses me but no drive thru McDonalds is not made with love. Sorry. Also an ACP has way more love than a snapchat yes. In my ACP, I put my cats collar, a picture i drew of a sailboat and a lighter. I put my cats collar because I love cats. I put a sail boat in there because I recently found my love for sailing. Lastly, I put a lighter inside because I love candles.


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