Week 11:Activity-Fiber Art

This weeks activity was pretty interesting, we did fiber art. I didn’t really learn anything new in this experiment because I just used what I already know about string and made a piece of art out of it. I let my brain do all the  work with creating this piece.Doing this piece was pretty easy because all I had to do was cut up a couple pieces of sting of the same size then fold them in half then wrap them all together and tie it off. That made my art piece, simple.

My results were exactly what I had expected because I had a plan in my head before i executed it.The activity was satisfying because i was able t achieve my goal without any stress or mistakes. This activity is simple and easy to do. This activity overall made me appreciate the people who make dream catchers out of fiber with those crazy patterns with beads and feathers too.

This activity was a fun experience and I would do it again. Also I would recommend it to anyone execute its easy to do and you can take your ideas basically anywhere and make this activity as easy as you want or as complicated as you want. Thats what I liked about this activity.


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