Week 11:Artist-Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa and her twin bother were born 15 minutes apart on day light savings night.She was recruited by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing arts and eventually graduated with a degree in choreography. I did not like researching her and sadly I’m also not interested in her work.

On slack there was a lot of discussion on wether or not her work is considered art or not. The topic seemed to say towards no. I also don think her work is art. I think its more towards the graphic design area. For example her work is all made on a computer so it should at least be categorized as computer graphic art, not just art.

I didn’t like researching her and learning about her because I’m not interested in avatars or anything relating to that topic like anemia and that stuff. It was cool learning about her and seeing what others have to say but I would say she was one of the more un-liked artist of the week of mine to research.


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