Week 12-OTW:Hennessy Youngman

After watching that video, I did not really know what to think about it. I couldn’t really tell if he was trying to make fun of the millennial generation or just teach about it. After hearing what other had to say I realized he was doing both. He talked mostly about the ironic stereotypes of the millennial generation which were funny. It bugged me that he read off his notes the whole time…

After researching him, I found out that he is a persona that is performed and invented by Jayson Musson. Jayson is an artist and has very pretty and colorful work. Youngman does the role of an art critic or cultural critic while he speaks to topics that are about art, race, gender, and popular culture. He exposes the issues and conflicts that are within society today. After observing, he does this with a lot of humor.

In my opinion, I didn’t really enjoy learning about him and he didn’t really interest me. He said the truth which was funny at times but sometimes went too far which wasn’t funny at times too. His outfit choices are funny and pretty interesting. Overall, he wasn’t my favorite person to learn about.


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