Week 12:Activity-Eportfolio

The first three pictures I posted were of my website before I edited it. The last three pictures are my website after I edited it to be my own. I chose to make this website a sailing website. I decided to make it about sailing because its my latest hobby. I love being out on the water away from my phone and craziness of my busy life. It gives me real “me” time without any distractions. Also is has been a great learning experience for me with starting off learning the small boats now Im learning to sail a shields which is our biggest boats in the CSULB Sailing Association.

The only goal I have for this website is for others to enjoy or maybe even get into what I love doing too. I want people to not be afraid to start doing something new coming into college as a freshmen knowing no one. I want people to do what they want and not let what people say alter their actions. I hope to keep communicating through my website with people and maybe promoting it on Facebook as my sailing blog.

Overall, this experience was good for me because I am not good with technology at all and doing this activity taught me to do a little more than what I knew which was not much. I enjoyed this activity and this class. Thank you.



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